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3 min readMar 21, 2021

#4 Re-Cap

1Million Token Community News and Info Weekly.

Hey Millioner! It seems that this week has been a bit longer than normal, is it because we were looking forward to Re-Cap day? We think so

Now let’s recap by data and visuals to learn about 1Million Project evolution in the past week.

“When you have a Million Dollar vision, don’t surround yourself with one cent minds”

1Million Project & Binance Smart Chain

After debating options, we’ve decided to port 1Million Project over to Binance Smart Chain.

One of the reasons is just because of the ERC-20 compatability, we’d be able to reuse most of our code. So that saves us a lot of time in regards to completing the move to another blockchain.

Yes! It’s true, we are moving to BSC!!

We will remove all the tokens we have on exchanges, also we will use Team funds and all the 1MT we own, a total aprox amount of 300k 1MT

As soon we land in the Binance Smart Chain, a PancakeSwap pool (1MT/BNB) will be created automatically using Unilock services, also will be rewards for liquidity providers with all the unsold tokens from the presell.

You will be able to move your 1MT from ETH network to BSC as you wish

BurgerSwap Bridge. BEP20 to ERC20 and viceversa.

1Million token Pre-Sell using Unilock

If you always wanted to get around 1Million project but you didn’t knew if was a good decision, this is your opportunity!

Only 150k 1MT will be able to be purchased over Unilock, with a value price of 0.20$ per token.

We will add 100% of the amount raised in to PancakeSwap, that means if we reach the hard cap we will create the pool with 150k 1MT + 85 BNB

Last but not least, the liquidity will be locked for 2 years!

If you don’t know yet, 1MT its here to Stay, Innovate and help you all!

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