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2 min readFeb 28, 2021

#1 Re-Cap

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Let’s start this recap from the bottom, 1MillionToken project has been growing and improving with the time, in the main time, many things have occurred behind the scenes, does it matter?

The observer effect.

The simple answer is yes, it matters, there is nothing better than getting the attention expected when you put your efforts.

🌐 From Monday to Sunday

The week started with a pleasant surprise, it was (Top Thot 1MT XRP) user, who is now part of the Team1MT

“I’ll do what I can, if I fall short I’ll still be a part of the community the same way I was before”

Our new team member have started the week with a lot of positivism and will not stop any time soon, it’s been sharing plenty of ideas to make our project bigger than before and we love it! We believe many more will aim to get in this position while we grow and improve.

This week we have managed some rains, to assure our most active members gets benefits and remains active in our discord server.

Not just this week but also from a long before, our user and well recognized in the community Ingalamix has been one of the most active at the rains rooms among with our new recent new team member.

Starting this week, every Friday we aim to make some sort of party at our discord room, you don’t need to put much effort, sharing your thoughts and stay active will be enough to participate.

“Let’s throw a good party…”

Many more things are yet to come, our project will get the attention expected thanks to our community, see you the next week!



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