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2 min readApr 4, 2021

Hey millioner, most of you are questioning what’s happening with the current state for the presale, we wanted to make sure everything will work as expected without any errors.

We decided to create our presale at DXsale platform with the following details:

Just to make sure you understand everything there, the most important is that 90% of raised funds will be used to create the pool at PancakeSwap, also the liquidity will be locked for 2 years, yes 2 years, we don’t want rugs in here!

You can follow the presale here:

In the last presale the amount you could get with 1 BNB was 500 b1MT, this time we have changed those amounts to reward our community members in some how to give them a little bit more, this time you will recieve 800 b1MT per BNB!

Also we have established a few percent profit as soon we land on PancakeSwap reducing the amount of b1mt per bnb.

Presale rate

0.00125 BNB per b1MT

Listing rate

0.001333 BNB per b1MT

🔵 Liquidity rewards

We have allocated 17510 b1MT to offer dividends to liquidity providers as a reward for their contributions.

We expect a higher APY in the initial launch so make sure to participate!


Official 1MT:


Contract: 0xf0bc1ae4ef7ffb126a8347d06ac6f8add770e1ce











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