Hey millioner, yesterday we started our presale in Dxsale dapp. The Hardcap was set at 150 BNB, 20 hours later, we did it!

After 20 hours we have raised the total amount of 150 BNB, wich 90% will remain in liquidity and locked during 2 years.

Private group for Millioners

For those who have reached the amount of 1000 1MT (ETH) or b1MT (BSC), they can now join a private group where we will reward our members in a daily basis to encourage more users to be part of the Millioners group.

Feeling the improvements

As we keep going on the crypto market, more people feel interested by our project, we are very proud to receive such a big feedback.

As always, we are more encouraged than ever to keep giving the community what they deserve.

1Million is reaching more and more audience and as an asset used for advertising its the best thing we can have, we hope many more people come around our community.


📢 Follow us

Official 1MT:


BSC Contract: 0x8d67448d4f6231ABc070a42A8905084b79E09136


ETH Contract: 0xf0bc1ae4ef7ffb126a8347d06ac6f8add770e1ce












Providing weekly updates/re-caps for 1Million Token Community, keep tuned! 🟣

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1Million Project Blog

1Million Project Blog

Providing weekly updates/re-caps for 1Million Token Community, keep tuned! 🟣

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