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2 min readMar 12, 2021

1Million Project. Behind the scenes #2

“300 warriors to defend Sparta”

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Hey Millioner🖖🏻, perhaps you ask yourself, what’s happening behind the scenes close to 1Million Token community. Let’s point out a little about whats occuring around…

Innovation is the key 🔑

Days ago we announced the current situation in Spartan token Community, our discord role-play asset. If you haven’t seen yet you can do it here:

Now, the process have been almost completed in a short period of time.

Thanks to Unilock and the services they offer we could set a ICO trough decentralized applications that make investors feel more comfortable when participating.

Check out “image 1” to see details about ICO;

  • Hardcap: 45 BNB
  • Softcap: 35 BNB
  • Funds for exchange: 100%
  • Liquidity Locked: 1 year
  • Rate: 1 b300 = 1BNB

In less than 5 days, the spartan community have broke our expectations accomplishing the HARDCAP established beforehand, amazingly proud!

Unlucky or not, we are obliged to wait until the ICO timer end, the end time is established for day 16 (4 days). As soon the timer goes to 0 a smart contract will deploy a new pool to add the raised funds and then lock them for a year. «The code is the law»

Fight for glory

To keep the hype on going, in the main time, you can participate in a #MEME competition, the requirements are posted via Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

If you’re around, don’t hesitate to participate, it’s totally free!

Huge things are coming out… we are working as fast as we can to achieve new goals, move forward and keep improving, make sure you don’t miss any of our news!

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