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2 min readMar 16, 2021

1Million Project. Behind the scenes #3

“Come back with your shield — or on it.”

Spartan colonization in BSC

We recently sent an invitation to our users, and to the rest of the world, an invitation to permanent struggle, to keep morale always very high; closing the door on discouragement and surrender.

Using an anti-rug pool system offered by Unilock we were able to offer our members a very appetizing invitation, and so appetizing that only 4 hours later, all the coins added to the pre-sale were acquired.

And today finally, the day has come, the day that Sparta colonized Binance Smart Chain with 120 tokens, in a big way!

PancakeSwap & BurgerSwap

As we have said before, we have used an anti-rug pool system, what does that mean?

Basically, unilock creates a smart contract that will be in charge of holding the tokens during the pre-sale and later, at the end of the pre-sale, it will automatically create and lock the pool for the b300 / BNB pair.

The smart contract will create the pool in pancakeswap at a rate of 1: 1

PancakeSwap is the best place to trade your b300.

BurgerSwap was the place that offered us in a decentralized way the possibility of creating a bridge between the ethereum network and the binance smart chain network.

Thanks to burgerswap you have the possibility to navigate through a fairly simple and easy-to-use user interface, to make changes between different blockchains such as Ethereum or BSC.

If you have any amount of 300 (ETH NETWORK) or b300 (BSC NETWORK) in your wallet (Metamask, Trustwallet ..) you have the possibility to convert your tokens, either from Ethereum to BSC or from BSC to Ethereum.

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🤠 300 ETH NETWORK: 0x167E2A574669b0EeB552aaF3Da47c728cb348a41

⚡️ b300 BSC NETWORK: 0x3c462e6fe7043f076af33640c5e24388e2ee9ebc

🔋PancakeSwap pair address: 0x5d3c706d588c6b1c0558d56751e57012ea9bfc1c

🦄 Uniswap:

🎂 PancakeSwap:


🦎 Coingecko:

🧢 Coinmarketcap:




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