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First of all, we want to thank everyone that it’s been near us along this road and contributing to the project value, it’s been a long journey! On this day, I congratulate all of you for another successful year!

We started small, but today we are amongst some top cryptocurrencies in the space. Congratulations on all your efforts and achievements to make this happen!

You have taken 1Million Project to a whole new level of success. May the coming years also be successful, but first, let’s make this great day a success.

Today, we want to celebrate this with you because you are the reason why we are celebrating this special day in our project, we are calling everyone around for a BIG giveaway 1000$!

💎Happy 1MILLIONTOKEN Anniversary!

1Million Token Community News and Info Weekly.

As we move forward in to the Binance Smart Chain, our community have gained more attention and feedback.

Just in case your new, 1Million Project have been connected in to Binance Smart Chain using smart contract Bridge.

So what’s been happening in this week?

This week has been an important week for our project, we have started a new marketing program aiming to connect with many influencers around the space to promote our community.

Check them out!

Crypto Baby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYgmx6gTp_o

Crypto Pablo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSX1RlYtQ4M

Cryptocius: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeabFmyH/

Cryptozin: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeaQowgW/

To keep encouraging more people to…

From Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain.

Hey millionaire! As you all know we moved almost 40% from total supply to Binance Smart Chain, wich 15% will remain locked in a contract because a error we had had trapped those tokens forever, how we do it?

We used Burgerswap platform, burgerswap give us the opportunity to make our contract reusable and create a crosschain asset.

To create a crosschain asset simple go trough:

Hey millioner, yesterday we started our presale in Dxsale dapp. The Hardcap was set at 150 BNB, 20 hours later, we did it!

After 20 hours we have raised the total amount of 150 BNB, wich 90% will remain in liquidity and locked during 2 years.

For those who have reached the amount of 1000 1MT (ETH) or b1MT (BSC), they can now join a private group where we will reward our members in a daily basis to encourage more users to be part of the Millioners group.

As we keep going on the crypto market, more people feel interested…

Hey millioner, most of you are questioning what’s happening with the current state for the presale, we wanted to make sure everything will work as expected without any errors.

We decided to create our presale at DXsale platform with the following details:

#6 Re-cap

1Million Token Community News and Info Weekly.

Hey Millioner, as you all know we started a presale at Unilock services to start moving 1MT across Binance Smart Chain.

We had to stop it simply because there was a error from our side with the listing price.

The solution was easy, we only needed to wait for the presale to fail and for the timer to end.

For people who have invested, don’t panic, your funds are safu, today you will be able to redeem your bnb trough Unilock. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. …

#1 Learn with 1MT

In order to use the blockchain, you need to install a mobile application (dApp). One of the most popular dApp browsers at the moment is known as Metamask.

Follow the first set of instructions to install it on the Chrome browser:

Installing Metamask

Step 1. Go to the Metamask website.

Step 2. Click “Get Chrome Extension” to install Metamask.

Step 3. Click “Add to Chrome” in the upper right.

Step 4. Click “Add Extension” to complete the installation.

You will know Metamask has been installed when you see the fox logo on the upper right hand…

#5 Re-cap

«The best way to predict the future is to create it»

Hey Millioner! While many projects out there are appearing and disappearing we keep on the line, showing our members the best of us, aiming to put 1Million project on top of the currency’s.

None of this would be possible without the help, support and feedback we receive from our members around the community, thank you!

Presell rating and details.

«Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity»

Hey Millioner! In the last weekly recap we informed that 1Million project will move 30% of the supply from Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain🔅.

If you would like to know with certainty how and why are we moving to BSC check our last weekly re-cap here:

If you already read the article let’s dive into the presell details…

The total amount converted from ETH network to BSC was 30% of the total supply, in numbers, 300k tokens.

The presell will take place using Unilock services, a rug-proof launchpad designed for projects…

#4 Re-Cap

1Million Token Community News and Info Weekly.

Hey Millioner! It seems that this week has been a bit longer than normal, is it because we were looking forward to Re-Cap day? We think so

Now let’s recap by data and visuals to learn about 1Million Project evolution in the past week.

“When you have a Million Dollar vision, don’t surround yourself with one cent minds”

1Million Project Blog

Providing weekly updates/re-caps for 1Million Token Community, keep tuned! 🟣

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