1Million Token (1MT) (b1MT)

Presell rating and details.

«Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity»

Hey Millioner! In the last weekly recap we informed that 1Million project will move 30% of the supply from Ethereum network to Binance Smart Chain🔅.

If you would like to know with certainty how and why are we moving to BSC check our last weekly re-cap here:

If you already read the article let’s dive into the presell details…

🌎 Allocation & Application

The total amount converted from ETH network to BSC was 30% of the total supply, in numbers, 300k tokens.

The presell will take place using Unilock services, a rug-proof launchpad designed for projects that want to offer the customers a fair application

A total of 150k tokens will be allocated for sell at a price of 0.002 BNB per token.

  • Min buy: 0.001 BNB
  • Max buy: 10 BNB
  • Softcap: 50 BNB
  • Hardcap: 300 BNB


Details 👀

❗️90% of all the liquidity will be locked for 1 year, we will use 10% of the liquidity for advertising and marketing to keep reaching out more users.

❗️15k tokens + all unsold tokens will be allocated to reward liquidity providers using farming dapps.

‼️In case we reach the Hardcap, a smart contract will deploy a new pool in to PancakeSwap for b1MT/BNB and then the liquidity will be automatically locked, if not we will need to wait for the time frame to reach the end and the same thing will happen.

More things are coming to 1Million project, are you following them?

✅ Participate here: https://unilock.network/bsc/#/dashboard

🌐 Follow us 🌐

🧑🏼‍💻Official 1MT:




📝Contract: 0xf0bc1ae4ef7ffb126a8347d06ac6f8add770e1ce



🧢 Coinmarketcap:




🐦 Twitter:





👑Playroyal: https://t.co/naeKzIMdcI

🌿Orecoin: https://orecoingames.net/




Providing weekly updates/re-caps for 1Million Token Community, keep tuned! 🟣

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1Million Project Blog

1Million Project Blog

Providing weekly updates/re-caps for 1Million Token Community, keep tuned! 🟣

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